Melted Snowman Art

This melted snowman art is easy to prepare and fun to make with the kids this winter!Melted Snowman Art - kids can make their own puffy paint!

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To celebrate the launch of my new book: 50 Nature Crafts for Little Kids, I wanted to share one of the crafts from the book with you! My son made these at preschool well over a year ago and I asked his teacher for the “recipe”. The picture was very intriguing as it was sparkly white puffy paint – almost foam like.50 Nature Crafts for Little Kids

So here’s how to make it!

*About ¼ cup of each per child is about right.

Mix together the glue and shaving cream in a bowl. Kids can help you with this part! Carefully add in a little fake snow – beware this stuff can get everywhere!Melted Snowman Art

Spoon out a large heap of the “puffy paint” onto the card and slightly flatten it into a large puddle using the back of the spoon.

Then make the melted snowman! Add an orange triangle nose, googly eyes and black buttons made from circles of black card or paper.Melted Snowman Art

You could even sprinkle on some more fake snow for extra sparkliness! Set aside to dry – the paint will remain puffed up! Here is F’s melted snowman:

Melted Snowman Art - kids can make their own puffy paint!

And here is mine:

Melted Snowman Art - kids can make their own puffy paint!

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