Kiwi Fruit Collage

Kiwi fruit is definitely F’s favorite fruit right now – he’s been known to eat three in a row then ask for more! We celebrated this cute fruit by making this art collage!

Craftulate: Kiwi Fruit Collage
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This craft was made with three components:
  • Tissue paper pieces
  • Brown embroidery thread cut into small pieces
  • Black rice

I made the black rice by putting some white rice into a resealable bag with some black acrylic paint, and smooshing it all around. I could have got F to help me with this, but actually I found it rather satisfying!

Craftulate: Kiwi Fruit Collage
The I put it onto some baking parchment paper to dry. Craftulate: Kiwi Fruit Collage

If your children are at the scissor-cutting stage then they can help you cut up the tissue paper and thread, but as F isn’t there yet I prepared it all in advance. We spread the glue inside a large circle I had drawn onto cardstock, and started sticking the green tissue paper pieces on.

Craftulate: Kiwi Fruit Collage
I added a white piece of tissue paper for the centre of the kiwi fruit, then added glue all around the outside of the circle. F was insisting that he should have the glue bottle by this point, so I had to give him a decoy glue bottle that was nearly empty! We stuck the thread to this so that it looked like the furry kiwi fruit skin.

  Finally we added the black rice “seeds”.

Craftulate: Kiwi Fruit Collage
Can you tell which is the real kiwi slice? 🙂


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