Homemade Father’s Day Gift Wrap

This Father’s Day gift wrap will make my son’s gifts to his Daddy even more special!

Homemade Father's Day Gift Wrap

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I have used this technique for making gift wrap several times before, and I never tire of it! Mainly because it is SO easy, especially with younger kids. To make the gift wrap you’ll need:

Pour some paint onto the paper plates and spread it around with the brushes. Our cookie cutters were quite large so I needed to spread the paint around the entire plate.

Then just invite your child to dip the cookie cutters into the paint and stamp them onto the paper!Homemade Father's Day Gift Wrap

My son used just one cutter per colour – but you could mix it up if you are more wild and crazy than we are. Which isn’t difficult!!Homemade Father's Day Gift Wrap

We each made some gift wrap – mine more spaced out, his were more overlapping. But I like both options!Homemade Father's Day Gift Wrap

Homemade Father's Day Gift Wrap

And here are the wrapped presents! A decorated handkerchief and a fun tool craft to hang on the wall of his workshop!Homemade Father's Day Gift Wrap

Please note that if you are also intending to use the cookie cutters for making cookies (like I’m sure we will) then make sure they are thoroughly washed.

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