Fine Motor Jello Pumpkin Hunt

This pumpkin hunt activity uses fine motor skills to dig in Jello and locate the pumpkins!Fine Motor Jello Pumpkin Hunt

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This is a really fun digging activity! To make the Jello dig site I used:

  • Large box (0.6oz) sugar free* orange Jello
  • ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • Water as per Jello instructions
  • Large glass bowl
  • Small plastic pumpkin gems
  • Tongs or tweezers – we used these fun scooper tongs!
  • Small bowl

*I used sugar free because it is less sticky than regular Jello – plus a bit better for my son *if* he decided to taste test.Fine Motor Jello Pumpkin Hunt

I added the Jello powder and spice to a bowl, then followed the Jello instructions. After letting the Jello set in the fridge for an hour, I added the little pumpkins and returned it to the fridge until completely set.Fine Motor Jello Pumpkin Hunt

I set out the scooper tongs (which F *loves* at the moment), the Jello bowl and a smaller bowl to place the pumpkins into. He immediately got going!Fine Motor Jello Pumpkin Hunt

The pumpkins didn’t come out cleanly from the Jello but that really didn’t matter. He also tried using the scoop with each hand, which I was pleased to see.

He kept working at it until all the pumpkins had been found!

Fine Motor Jello Pumpkin Hunt


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