Easy Spider Web Art

This spider web art is really easy for kids to make as it uses the tape-resist method of painting.

Easy Spider Web Art using the tape resist technique

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This art does require a bit of set up in advance. I cut lengths of painter’s tape and then cut them in half lengthways to make them less wide. Then I placed them on a piece of white cardstock to form a spider web.

Easy Spider Web Art

F chose some brown paint to colour over his tape web.Easy Spider Web Art


Once the paint had dried, I CAREFULLY peeled off the tape. I tried not to rush it to avoid ripping the top surface of the card.  Ta-da! One spider web to use as a backdrop to some spooky Halloween art. You could add plastic spiders with glue dots or make a handprint spider and glue it onto the web.

Easy Spider Web Art

A few days later we did this activity again with friends. They requested a bigger selection of colors (and they definitely had to include pink!) so the results were much more colorful. F and his friend actually worked happily on the same picture!Easy Spider Web Art

Easy Spider Web Art

Easy Spider Web Art


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