Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids

These drawing prompts for kids are perfect for encouraging creative and imaginative artwork!

Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids - all you need for starting imaginative artwork

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Preparing these drawing prompts were really easy to set up. I grabbed a few magazines and old calendars and cut out random images. The head of a dog, vases, a flower, a hat, the head of a dinosaur. That kind of thing.Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids

(Aren’t you glad I included that photo? Now you know what magazines and scissors look like!)

I gave the prompts to the kids and they glued one at a time onto some paper. Then they drew the rest of the picture.

F only did one – the dog head.Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids

He’s not very into drawing but I’m glad he at least tried it! (I think they’re supposed to be ears…)

Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids

Miss L *loved* this activity. Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids

She produced absolutely loads of pictures – here are five of the best!

Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids

Easy Drawing Prompts for KidsMeanwhile Miss E produced just one picture – and it was one of my favorites!


Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids

This is definitely an activity that I can have ready to go at any minute – I’ll just cut out extra prompts every time I discard a magazine. That way the pictures will always be different! It also required no assistance from me – I just let them get on with it!

Inspired by Artmommie.

50 Art Techniques for Little Kids - the book


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