Crazy Colour Sensory Bin

Normally I like things to be neat and orderly, but this time I went rather crazy with this colour sensory bin. It’s all relative…

Crazy Colour Sensory Bin - great for toddlers!

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Originally I thought about laying all the different items in a rainbow order, but I really wanted to use these fantastic tie-dye poms that we received from our friends at

Crazy Colour Sensory Bin

So I ended up just adding everything together which gave it a really crazy look!  The contents I used for this sensory bin were as follows:

  • Tie-dye poms as mentioned above and other assorted pom poms
  • Squares of tissue paper
  • Craft foam sticks
  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Squares of construction paper
  • Sponges
  • Plastic cookie cutters
  • Building blocks
  • Straws cut into small pieces

Crazy Colour Sensory Bin
I brought the bin out on the floor and F dived straight in. He was delighted to find a letter “F”!Crazy Colour Sensory Bin - great for toddlers!

He then started pulling items out and arranging them by colour… which gave me an idea for the next day: to put little bowls next to the sensory bin for some colour sorting.

Crazy Colour Sensory Bin

We did this together for a while, and then noticed that we needed a red and yellow bowl, so I added them to the collection.Crazy Colour Sensory Bin - great for toddlers!

After a while the lure of toy trains was too strong, but that was absolutely fine – it would have taken quite some time to sort ALL the items!

Crazy Colour Sensory Bin

As I was clearing up, however, he went and grabbed his Pompom Drop Toy that I made almost a year ago for him. He very kindly helped me clean up the pom poms by pushing them into the hole at the top of the can which is obviously where pompoms live!


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