Christmas Memory Match Game

This Christmas Memory Match game is a fun and festive activity that works on remembering locations of cards.

Christmas Memory Match Game for kids (free printable!)

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Over a year ago I printed out a construction site memory match game. The other day F found it and started playing with it. He loved it, so I was inspired to make one of my own with a Christmas theme!

Grab the free printable from the Craftulate Shop. Download it and print it onto white cardstock. Use scissors or a guillotine to cut out the cards.

How to Play!

  • Turn all the cards face down – there are sixteen cards so a 4×4 arrangement looks good.
  • Turn two cards over at a time, trying to find a pair.
  • If the two cards don’t match, turn them back face down and try again.
  • If the cards match, either leave them face up or remove them from the game.

Christmas Memory Match Game

I showed F and he was delighted with his new game! He insisted that the ornament was a jingle bell, but otherwise he jumped straight in and played many many games!Christmas Memory Match Game for kids (free printable!)

Christmas Memory Match Game for kids (free printable!)

Every time he found a match he was SO happy! I was very impressed by his memory skills – in fact I’m thinking about making a trickier version!!

Don’t forget your free download of this memory match game!

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