Child-Led Collage Art

This collage art was completely led by my four year old. He created whatever he wanted to!Child-Led Collage Art - a process art activity

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The process art challenge this week is COLLAGE. We’ve made many collages over the last few years, but usually they have a theme, goal, or specific material. To make this a true process art activity, I taped a piece of card to the table, provided white craft glue and a glue stick, and a HUGE amount of options for my son to add!

  • Feathers
  • Small pieces of tissue paper
  • Sequins (I used the Spangle Mix sent to us by
  • Small pieces of construction paper
  • Straws (I used a mixture of regular plastic straws and some gorgeous paper ones from Aardvark)
  • Googly eyes
  • Short lengths of yarn
  • Stickers (I used some of our crazy creatures foam stickers, also from

Child-Led Collage ArtHe immediately applied a lot of glue and then went for googly eyes.

He decided to make a face which is a huge change for him – his artwork to date has been about 90% random. Next he added sequins for hair. At this point he decided it would be a picture of me!Child-Led Collage Art

He added ears using yarn…Child-Led Collage Art

And a tissue paper nose, and a smile made from straws.


Finished! I didn’t have to help or prompt him at all! And the likeness to me is uncanny. 😉

Child-Led Collage Art

I left everything out and later that day (although wearing a different shirt!) he decided to make another collage. I love how he added googly eyes to the stickers!

This turned into a wildlife scene, and he added green foliage decorations after placing the stickers.Child-Led Collage Art


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