Candy Corn Sensory Slime

Do  you have leftover candy corn from Halloween? Make this sensory slime for kids to enjoy!

Candy Corn Sensory Slime - decorated with leftover candy corn!

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After a rather wet Halloween here this year I had a big bag of candy corn leftover. Given that no-one in the house would (or should!) eat them, I decided to use them for a sensory experience.

We started with a simple sensory bin as recommended by Deborah from Teach Preschool for some pouring and scooping fun!

Craftulate: Candy Corn Sensory Slime

Then we tried something more adventurous – slime! I have only tried making slime once before and found it way less messy that expected. I used the same recipe but changed the clear glue for white glue. This makes a small batch of slime (I made three different batches):

All you need to do is mix the ingredients together! Here’s how it evolves:

Craftulate: Candy Corn Sensory Slime

I made three batches – one yellow, one orange and I left one white. The white had a slightly blue tinge due to the liquid starch, but it didn’t matter too much.Craftulate: Candy Corn Sensory Slime

Then I added the candy corn to the slime as well – just to add to the textural fun!Craftulate: Candy Corn Sensory Slime

Both F and I found the slime really intriguing. I bravely demonstrated sticking my fingers into the slime to swirl it around but F couldn’t be persuaded. So I gave him a spoon and he had loads of fun lifting up the slime and watching it pour off, forming an almost solid consistency back in the dish. Lots of oopy gloopy fun!

I should probably mention that F was not tempted to eat the candy corn at any point – he really doesn’t like candy. Obviously once the candy has been in the slime it shouldn’t be eaten. I wonder if he’ll have developed a sweet tooth by next Halloween?!? 🙂

Want to know more about candy corn? Check out Why Do They Call It Candy Corn? from my friends over at Happy Hooligans!

Need help making slime? Check out my video!

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