Building Nests

Building nests is great for creative pretend play – we made six nests in one day!Building Nests - creative pretend play ideas

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So this activity all started because my son built a circle track, put a toy Cardinal in it, and called it a nest. I thought it was very imaginative!

Making Nests

F then decided that the bird was hungry, and got him a bowl of Cheerios!Building Nests - creative pretend play ideas

But the nest just seemed too big for the bird, so we discussed how birds make nests by layering and intertwining sticks and twigs. We collected more track and built a smaller nest. This time it was a Chaffinch toy that got to sit inside.Building Nests - creative pretend play ideas


Building Nests

Then I built a nest for him, made out of cushions on the floor. He flapped and tweeted and got into his nest.

Of course this “baby bird” wanted some Cheerios, too!Building Nests - creative pretend play ideas


After that we couldn’t seem to stop! We got some colored craft sticks (given to us by our friends at and layered them to make a nest. We added a toy bird (Blue Jay) from our Backyard Bird TOOB.

Building Nests

Next we used shredded paper to make a nice soft nest for an Indigo Bunting (also from the TOOB). She looked very cosy in this nest!


Building Nests

And finally we went outside to collect some sticks (this was the same day, just a different shirt!) and built a more traditional nest. An American Robin got to make a home in this one.Building Nests - creative pretend play ideas

Building Nests

This was my favourite – as well as being the most realistic we actually have an American Robin nesting in the eaves of our house!


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