Acorn Squash Flower Art

These acorn squash flowers are such a fun way of making art!

Acorn Squash Flower Art - a fun printing activity for kids!

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The season for finding acorn squash in the markets and stores is early fall through to the winter. I recently tried roasting some for the first time and although I enjoyed this new (to me) vegetable – my main reaction to it was that cross-sections of the squash looked just like flowers! So although this time of year isn’t the usual season for flower crafts – I just couldn’t resist!Acorn Squash

For this art we used:

  • The top section of an acorn squash, stalk attached
  • Large paper
  • Paint
  • Paper plate or other palette

Now one of the tricks to this (I discovered) is slicing off the top as evenly as possibly, because this will help make even prints. Oh and the longer the stalk the better handle it makes!

Pour some paint onto the paper plate, then dip the acorn squash into the paint, trying to get complete coverage. Then press it onto the paper.

Acorn Squash Flowers

My son and I both tried this art technique with a few different paint colours. It was fun to see the flower image emerge on the paper after lifting off the acorn squash!

Acorn Squash Flowers

Acorn Squash Flowers

Note: If you have an acorn squash with a small stalk – stick a fork in it instead!

Not every print was a perfect flower but it was a fun idea to make prints with something I would have otherwise thrown away!

Acorn Squash Flower Art - a fun printing activity for kids!

Acorn Squash Flower Art - a fun printing activity for kids!

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