Vegetable Stamping

Vegetable stamping is a classic way to make pretty artwork.

Vegetable Stamping

For this activity I prepared the following vegetables for printing:

  • Bell pepper
  • Carrot
  • Celery Heart
  • Potato
  • Cucumber

Vegetable Stamping

These vegetable stamps were mainly made from the parts I would usually throw away, like the carrot tops. The majority of each vegetable was eaten! I spread out some paint onto paper plates (for easy clean up!), thinning any thicker paints with a little bit of water. Then the girls got stamping! Miss L (4.5yrs) chose to start with all the round vegetables first. Miss E (6yrs) experimented with different colours and then discovered how cool the celery hearts looked!

Vegetable Stamping

After Miss E had finished her picture she decided to write her name on it, using the green part of the carrot top as a brush. I love the way she thinks!

Vegetable Stamping


The celery hearts made some of the best prints – they looked like roses!

Vegetable Stamping

Here are some of the finished pieces. Unfortunately Miss L decided to “swipe” with her vegetables at the end, which got rid of most of the prints!

Vegetable Stamping

Here are some tips for making the vegetables easier to hold – especially useful for little hands!:

Other vegetables you could use:


2 Responses

  1. Katie Pinch says:

    They turned out so pretty. I love how the celery hearts look like flowers!

    • craftulate says:

      Thanks Katie! I want to experiment painting with all different kinds of vegetables now! Okra is definitely top of my list!

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