Tissue Paper Collages For Toddlers

This easy craft uses contact paper (also known as sticky paper or sticky-backed plastic) to make tissue paper collages.Tissue Paper Collages For Toddlers

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In advance of starting the activity I cut up loads of different colors of tissue paper in random shapes.

Then I laid out some contact paper on the table, sticky side up, and secured it to the table with tape. I gave my son a small bowl of tissue paper bits to start with, and he soon got the idea. Sometimes he dumped a whole load in one go, other times he carefully placed shapes piece by piece.Tissue Paper Collages For Toddlers

After he had finished I carefully laid another piece of contact paper over the top to seal in the tissue paper. Then I sealed the edges with some tape folded over. Tissue Paper Collages For Toddlers

This can be displayed like it is – and would look great in a window as a suncatcher!

As we originally made this collage just before Christmas, so I turned some of the collage into ornaments for the tree, following an idea I saw on babies, toddlers and preschoolers, oh my!

I made a template out of card, then cut out the bauble shape from various colours of construction paper, two for each ornament. Then I selected a good piece from the finished collage, and cut into a shape just larger than the hole in the template. Then I glued the collage between the two pieces of construction paper, made a hole and added some silver thread.Tissue Paper Collages For Toddlers

These made great gifts to send overseas from my son as they fit easily into an envelope and hardly weigh anything!

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