Child-Led Sensory Play with Rice

Have your kids tried sensory play with rice? It’s even more interesting when you let them lead the activity!

Child-Led Sensory Play with Rice

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We are taking part in a blogger challenge set by our friends at Little Bins for Little Hands, encouraging sensory play with rice for children. So here were our instructions for the challenge:

“Invite your child to explore a simple brown or white rice sensory bin as they choose. Please keep it as child led as possible.”

Well, OK! So I poured some brown rice into a large glass dish. At first my son went in with his hands.

Child-Led Sensory Play with Rice

It wasn’t a complete surprise when shortly afterwards he went off and got a digger and train cargo car. Lots of scooping and pouring and action!

Child-Led Sensory Play with Rice

At one point he took quite a bit of interest in the photos I was taking, so I got his new camera that he just received for his birthday a few weeks ago. Here’s the best of his photos – very arty. Ahem.

Child-Led Sensory Play with Rice

He played with the rice sensory bin for quite some time, adding more trains to the rice.

Child-Led Sensory Play with Rice


When he had finished playing with it, I asked him to help clean up the rice that had spilled on the floor. 😉

Child-Led Sensory Play with Rice

As far as set-up goes – you can’t beat this activity for simplicity! If you want to see what everyone else did with their rice bins, check out the links below!

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