Marbled Animal Art for Kids

This animal art for kids uses just shaving cream and paint to make marbled pictures!

Marbled Animal Art for Kids from Craftulate

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This was our second attempt at making marbled paintings – the first time we just made pictures, this time we turned them into animals! To make this animal art you’ll need (and there’s a video at the end too!):

Spray a thin layer of the shaving cream into the dish, then add a few drops of paint. Start with only a few colours – you can always add more later!Marbled Animal Art for Kids


Swirl the colours around with a stick to make a marble pattern.Marbled Animal Art for Kids


Carefully lay a piece of card over the top of the paint and cream mixture, gently push down, and then lift the card off.Marbled Animal Art for Kids


Leave the mixture on the card for a minute or two, then use the scraper tool to remove the excess shaving cream (I wiped it onto some kitchen paper for easy clean-up). Note: I did this for the kids as they were quite happy just to swirl paint and make prints!

Marbled Animal Art for Kids

Ta-da! A pretty marbled painting. It dries very quickly, so soon after making them you can use the animal cookie cutters as stencils to cut out shapes, using the pens to add details. I encouraged the kids to draw the templates on the back of the paintings but it didn’t always happen!Marbled Animal Art for Kids


The kids made loads of animals – here are a few highlights!

Marbled Animal Art for Kids

From the off-cuts I later made this fun ocean scene!

Marbled Animal Art for Kids

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Here’s a video I made to show you this technique!

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