Introducing Super Beads

These super beads don’t require glue or ironing to fuse together – just water!Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!


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As well as designing crafts from scratch – we also love trying out craft kits! And as you probably know, we LOVE our melted bead crafts. We’ve made designs with a Star Wars theme, key chains, ornaments, and more!

So when the guys at Zirrly offered us the opportunity to try out Super Beads, we leaped at the chance – because they DON’T NEED IRONING! After making the design, you spray water over it, and the beads fuse together. This is PERFECT for my six-year-old son, and we just had to try it out.

We received the Super Beads Spinning Tops kit (shown here as 3D Magic – but the packaging is changing!), which contained two peg boards, lots of assorted beads, three pattern ideas, a handy tool, spray bottle, and some attachments to make the designs into spinning tops. There are lots of different sets available, including jungle animals, jewelry and more! Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!

I showed the pattern templates to my son but he immediately wanted to make his own.Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!

The beads are softer than other melty beads that we have used, and in some cases we had to push them on quite hard to the peg board.Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!

F finished his design – a “N’ for Nerf, apparently – or perhaps he meant a “Z” for Zirrly! 🙂

My mom was visiting when we opened this bead kit, and opted to make one of the suggested patterns.Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!

After the designs were completed, we sprayed them with water. It was completely mess-free apart from a small amount of water under the peg board!Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!

Then we left them for an hour before checking on them. They felt soft and slightly tacky, so we left them a little longer. When the super beads were completely dry they were perfectly fused together! We added the spinning top attachments to complete the toys!Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!

The next day we tried out some other designs! When finished, the bead designs are flexible and don’t crack or snap!

Introducing Super Beads - no mess, no glue, no iron!


You can buy Super Beads from – and you can get $5 off your first order by using promo code “sbds5”!


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