Indoor Snow for Sensory Play

We really haven’t had much snow this year, so I added to our winter experience by making some indoor snow.

 Indoor Snow for sensory play: if you don't have any outside - make your own!

Do you live in an area that doesn’t get much or any snow – here is your answer!

This feels like a VERY odd thing to make: pour some corn starch (cornflour) into a container, then add shaving cream until the “snow” holds together. It can take quite a while to come together but the results are rather fun!

I decided to make the indoor snow in advance of giving it to F but older children could help make this. I even tried to make a snowman!

Craftulate: Indoor Snow

When I gave it to F he was sitting in his high chair, which is a very good thing because once he got going, this stuff got EVERYWHERE. And he was actually being fairly careful. But this is definitely NOT a mess free activity! He was cautious at first.

He enjoyed swirling it around and feeling the strange texture.

Indoor Snow for sensory play: if you don't have any outside - make your own!

Given that I’m rather sensitive to mess, my conclusion with this activity is that next time we try this we’ll play with it outside. So yes, I’ll be making him indoor snow to play with outdoors. Hmmmmm.


Activity inspired by Modern Parent Messy Kids.


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