Easy Apple Reindeer Snack

This reindeer snack is so easy to make – it can be prepared in about two minutes!

Easy Apple Reindeer Snack - a fun treat for kids!

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The key to making this snack is the Wilton Reindeer Decorating Kit. It’s intended to be used for cupcakes or cookies, but why not use them for a healthier snack?!?

Wilton Decorating Kit

For each reindeer you’ll need two antlers, two edible eyes, a bow and a nose. You can make twelve reindeer from each kit.

To attach the pieces to the apple I pushed the antlers into the top, then used a little bit of frosting for the eyes, nose and bow. If you don’t have an open can of frosting in the fridge like I happened to have, you could use cream cheese, marzipan, or anything else edible that would act like glue. I actually decided against using the bow in the end – the apples we had were quite small and the bow didn’t really fit on.

Easy Apple Reindeer Snack from Craftulate

The reindeer looked totally adorable! Luckily my son liked it too!


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