Bubble Printing

This Bubble Printing activity is the first of many activities we have done from the book 101 Kids Activities!Bubble Printing - a fun art technique for kids to try!


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I am a HUGE fan of Kids Activities Blog, and authors Holly and Rachel have produced the most fabulous book: 101 Kids Activities (That are the bestest, funnest ever!).



I was *very* happy to receive this book, and even more delighted when I started to look through it. SO many fun activities to do with kids. Well, 101 activities, to be precise. Also included are suggestions of how to make each activity work with a younger or older child, which is SO useful!

Bubble Printing has been on my to-do list for quite some time, and with the book’s clear instructions and great accompanying photo, it suddenly leaped to the top of the list! The night before a playdate I made up the bubble mix according to the recipe, using dish detergent, water and corn syrup. The next morning I separated it out into small bowls and stirred in some food dye.

I made the bubble wands by using an elastic band to tie seven or so straws together. I wasn’t convinced that F wouldn’t suck the bubble mixture rather than blow, so for his wand I cut a small hole in the top of each straw – this makes it way harder to suck the liquid up!

Bubble Printing


Bubble Printing

I showed them how to dip the end of the wand into the bubble mixture, hold it over the paper and blow bubbles. The bubbles pop on the paper making really pretty prints! Miss E (6 years) immediately got the hang of this.Bubble Printing - a fun art technique for kids to try!

Miss L (4.5yrs) had some trouble getting the bubbles to blow out of the straw wands. We had to work quite a bit on getting the strength of blow just right! Even F (3yrs) came and tried it, but soon went back to his trains. 🙂Bubble Printing - a fun art technique for kids to try!

Bubble Printing - a fun art technique for kids to try!


The resulting artwork ranged from not enough bubbles to saturated in water! But it was a really fun process, and I am so glad that we were inspired to try it!

Bubble Printing

This wonderful book is available through Amazon in Kindle format and also in printed book form – but the book’s print quality and photography really make the printed book worth buying.

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