Invisible Hot Glue Letters Sensory Bin

These invisible hot glue letters can be used for all sorts of activities – we put them in flour for a sensory bin scavenger hunt!Invisible Hot Glue Letters Sensory Bin

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Sometimes an idea comes to my attention that I just *have* to try out! In this instance it was And Next Come L’s Sensory Bins using Invisible Letters and Numbers, who in turn got inspiration from I Can Teach My Child. These invisible hot glue letters are made from “drawing” with a hot glue gun, and as my new gun is woefully underused, I just had to give this a go.

I cranked up the glue gun and prepared a surface – I used a silicon mat as it can take the hot temperature and made removing the letters very easy. The creation of the letters was pretty straightforward – in fact I got so carried away that I did both upper case AND lower case! I did have to redo a few of letters but that was just me trying to get them perfect.

Lower case letters present a problem with letters “i” and “j”, as there is no way of attaching the dot. But I figured that as I was just going to throw them into a sensory bin F probably wouldn’t mind if they weren’t there. An additional issue is the similarity between some of the letters: a “P” looks like a “b” or “d”, a “u” looks like a “n”, and so on. However, as long as F recognised something I would be happy!

First I added the letters to a bowl of uncooked white rice to make a sensory bin.

Invisible Hot Glue Letters Sensory Bin

They were quite hard to find but F pulled out as many as he could find, calling out the letter names as he found them.

Invisible Hot Glue Letters Sensory Bin

He also enjoyed playing with rice! The next day I added the letters to a bowl of white flour. The flour stuck to the letters which was OK as it made them even more invisible!

Invisible Hot Glue Letters

F was quite happy finding the letters until his fingers got all mucky – then he was less keen on this activity!Invisible Hot Glue Letters Sensory Bin

This activity was part of our White Crafts and Activities week.

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