Color Match Busy Bag

This color match busy bag is great for buying yourself some time and occupying your toddler or preschooler!Color Match Busy Bag for toddlers or preschoolers


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To make this busy bag we used:

  • Colour cards free printable – download yours from the Craftulate shop then print them onto white card
  • Scissors or guillotine
  • Colorful items – we used a mix of craft supplies including pom poms, craft sticks, plastic jewels, straws, feathers, beads and squares of construction paper
  • Bag

Print out your template and cut out the cards – I used a guillotine because my ability to cut in a straight line isn’t exactly legendary! Place them in a bag and collect items of the six different colors: blue, yellow, green, red, purple and orange.Colour Match Busy Bag from Craftulate

Colour Match Busy Bag from CraftulateI personally find the best way to get my son interested in an activity like this is to leave it out on the floor for him to find. F set out the cards and started placing the items. He placed one item on the card, then decided that they should sit above the card.Color Match Busy Bag for toddlers or preschoolers

After a while he decided he needed some trains, probably remembering our Train Color Sorting activity that I had actually forgotten about! Or maybe just because he likes trains. 🙂Color Match Busy Bag for toddlers or preschoolers

He wasn’t happy that there wasn’t a black card, so as I had some to hand I cut some out for him. Then he wasn’t happy that it didn’t say a word on it – man he can be demanding! Soon after he also requested a brown card, so I gave in and quickly adapted the cards so that there were brown and black too. THEN he was happy!Color Match Busy Bag for toddlers or preschoolers

I didn’t mind that he changed the activity from my original idea because it kept him busy and he used his own ideas. Don’t forget to grab your FREE printable – with the original six colours plus brown and black!

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