Sandpaper and Felt Shape Match Board

I was inspired by No Time for Flashcards to create this simple shape match board. Felt slightly sticks to sandpaper like a kind of weak velcro. Sandpaper was a new texture for F so this activity was a good mix of sensory and education.

Sandpaper and Felt Shape Match Board

I cut six shapes out of felt, then placed them on the sandpaper and drew around them with crayon. My sandpaper was purple so I used white crayon. Better not to use markers as it will probably ruin them! Then I filled in the shapes on the sandpaper.

I gave the board and felt to F and he immediately found the felt circle and matched it up.

Sandpaper and Felt Shape Match Board

He then proceeded to match up the shapes, struggling slightly with the positioning of the diamond. He was also quite fascinated by the texture of the sandpaper.

He then checked the positioning of a few of the shapes, and it was completed!

The shapes I chose happen to fit with a song that F plays on his toy laptop, so I sang this while we did this activity:

Clickety clack, tap tap tap
Pressing on the keys
Seeing shapes, all around
That look a lot like these:Circle, square, triangle,
Diamond, heart and star,
Look for shapes all around
See them near and far.


This activity was part of our Purple Crafts and Activities week.


  1. brenda wells says

    I would love to know what activities
    you do for a week of each color to
    Reenforce each color, shape, number
    and letter.
    I am a grandmother of 6. I need to
    introduce all of these to my 21 month
    old and 10 month old.
    I need a little help remembering what
    all I did with my little ones.
    I am starting over yet again.

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