Train Track Number Hunt

This fun number hunt was based around my son’s favourite toy – a train track!

Train Track Number Hunt

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While F was at school one morning I set up a new train track for him using his Duplo train set. After I had completed the track I added number blocks which he got with his Duplo number train set. The blocks are only from 1 to 10, but I spread them around the track – adding some in places where he would have to plan a route so that he could collect all the number blocks in order.

Train Track Number Hunt

He got the hang of the game immediately, and he stacked the number blocks up on the train cars as he pushed the engine around the track.

Train Track Number Hunt

After he had proudly got all 10, he rearranged the blocks so they all faced the same way.

Train Track Number Hunt

After that he wanted to do it again. So I laid out all the number blocks but this time he changed the game – he wanted to add a train car to the engine each time we collected a block. So when we collected the number 1 block, he wanted one train car, then when we collected the number 2 block, he wanted two cars. And so on.

Train Track Number Hunt

He went all the way up to 8 before distracting himself with a different game.

Train Track Number Hunt


I was really pleased that he joined in with this number hunt although I suspect that it was just a tiny bit too easy for him. Perhaps we’ll do an alphabet version next!

This activity is part of our transport unit All Things Train.


4 Responses

  1. This is a great idea. Love using play as a way to sneak in some learning. I have 2 girls so no train sets in our house. But there are lots of ways to make learning fun. I’d love for you to drop by and add your post to my weekly Just for Kids link-up :)

  2. Emma says:

    What a fab idea! We have the track and number set, so I’ll definitely try it with my 3 year old. xx

  3. Emma says:

    Thanks for linking to Little Builders!

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