50 Halloween Crafts & 50 Christmas Crafts Deal


Buy both ebooks – save $4!




Buy both ebooks – save $4!

50 Halloween Crafts for Little Kids will inspire you and your children to get crafty this fall! Each craft offers a simple list of required materials, easy-to-follow directions, and color photographs to help you along the way. The book features pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, monsters, skeletons, spiders, bats, and more! Which will your kids want to make first? The Puffy Paint Ghost? The Glowing Spider Jar? Or perhaps the Paper Plate Witches’ Hat!

60 pages, 1 PDF

50 Christmas Crafts for Little Kids will encourage you and your kids to make a wide range of crafts during the Christmas season. Projects include tree ornaments, decorations, art, gifts and sensory activities.  Every craft has a simple list of materials, easy-to-follow directions, and an end product that your child will be proud of. Your kids can try making some pipe cleaner trees, a craft stick snowflake ornament or their own gift wrap!

68 pages, 1 PDF


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