Winter Scene Craft in a Box

I am reliably informed by my mother than this method of making a scene in a box is something she and I used to do together when I was little, so I hope you enjoy this retro winter scene craft!

Winter Scene Craft in a Box

For this craft we used:

  • Empty Christmas card box with a clear plastic lid
  • Tissue paper
  • Snowflake Paper Punch
  • Paint
  • Cardstock
  • Glue

To start with F painted the inside of the lower half of the box with dark blue paint.

Winter Scene Craft in a Box

After it had dried I glued in some white cardstock to resemble snowy hills, and some trees.

Winter Scene Craft in a Box

Then we punched some snowflakes from tissue paper using the punch.

Winter Scene Craft in a Box

We put the snowflakes into the box, put on the clear lid and then rubbed the lid to make some static electricity. The snowflakes jumped up to the lid and it looked like a mini snowstorm!

Winter Scene Craft in a Box
Winter Scene Craft in a Box

Meanwhile, my mother made a cute spring scene (actually she wanted to make a fall scene, but I wouldn’t let her. It’s WINTER!). She cut out small circles of pink tissue paper with a regular paper punch.

Winter Scene Craft in a Box

After rubbing the lid of the spring scene box, the blossom flew around!

Winter Scene Craft in a Box

Note: At first, only one of the boxes worked. They were exactly the same, and we couldn’t work out why only one would work. When my mother taped down the sides of the box that didn’t work, forming a slightly convex lid, it worked! The next morning, neither box worked very well, but then worked fine later in the day. So if you try this craft and you don’t get the static effect immediately – just keep trying! The scene is still pretty even if you just shake the box!

5 Responses

  1. These look fun! How nice that you all got to spend time crafting together!

  2. Those are beautiful, and the static makes them fun, but the best thing about this project are 3 generations working together! I’ll be featuring this on Mom’s Library this week at Crystal’s Tiny Treasures. Keep having fun!

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